Our Story

Singhvis was conceived in England by the two young entrepreneur brothers, Sagar Singhvi and Sid Singhvi, while studying at the Business School of Manchester. Having roots in India, they were inspired by the colorful prints on fabric and decided to launch an apparel and accessories line, never seen before.

Born and brought up in a jewelers family, we accompanied our father, Sudi, to the US on his business trips, only to discover a niche market with abundant opportunities. Soon we began designing and manufacturing high quality fashion products, which are timeless and sophisticated with an emphasis on style and comfort, in line with our father’s reputation. Influenced by all the gem-stone combinations, mixing vibrant colors in our designs was a no brainer.

Finding skilled master artisans to translate our vision, mind and thoughts, into a reality was a big challenge, not to mention all the logistics involved. Our mother has played a key role as an advisor.  

We realize that this is just the beginning and with the love and support of our adoring customers, we plan to introduce more products in the near future. We can fittingly say that the house of Singhvis is in the business of embellishing the beautiful ladies from head to toe.