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Mosaic Cotton & Wool Throw

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Embrace the exquisite allure of the Mosaic Cotton & Wool Throw, where comfort and artistry intertwine in a symphony of sumptuousness. This throw is not merely a blanket, but a portal to unparalleled relaxation. Nestled within its embrace, you'll drift into a reverie of tranquility, cocooned in breathtakingly soft textures and a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues.

Each patchwork square on this masterpiece is a hand-painted canvas, meticulously arranged to form a tapestry of mesmerizing color. Drape it effortlessly over your velvet chaise longue, its fringe border cascading like silken waterfalls, or layer it upon your king-sized bed, transforming it into a regal haven of warmth and luxury.

  • 68 x 53 inches
  • 90% cotton, 10% wool
  • Fringe border
  • Dry clean only
Mosaic Cotton & Wool Throw
Mosaic Cotton & Wool Throw
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